Eileen Daley

I am Eileen – I am able to see, feel and hear through nonhuman means.  I am sometimes  labeled an empath, intuitionist, spiritual life and death coach, psychic or medium and shy away from being called an angel but, it is with the Angels and my Spirit Guides that I am able to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth for clarity, strength and guidance.

What People Say…

You have questions – I am the bridge and can interpret the answers with help from above.

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“Welcome to my site.  May hope sustain you, Friends surround you,
​And love give you strength.

Eileen Daley

Highly, Highly Recommend

Eileen is simply amazing!!! She’s extremely wise, compassionate, funny and is the real deal.  Highly, highly recommended! Dee D.

Best Experience

I have always had the best experiences with Eileen!  She has helped me and my family through many life challenges and we will continue to seek her advice.  I would highly recommend her services to friends and family. Cathy S.

Helped Me Grow

Eileen just comes up with these wonderful creative marketing ideas thru her Spirit Guides! She has helped me grow my business in so many areas – she’s truly a blessing!   Maria A.

Great Gift

Best experience with Eileen!!! The best at what she does!! You will not be disappointed.  This is a great gift for yourself or somebody you love!  Isabella G.

She’s Amazing

She’s amazing! When my parents passed a day apart, Eileen guided us along the  emotionally difficult way. She explained the physical changes along with what she saw was waiting in Heaven to greet both of them. I don’t know how she knew it and believe it truly came from God. Thank you!  Annie H.

Eileen Daley

My gift is a bridge to see the beautiful vision of what is above and below.  To understand or ease  struggles with light and clarity of the unknown.

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.


Finding Calm in Chaos is an online course offering four modules with a systemic approach for assessing your chaos and stress triggers while also providing helpful tips and fun techniques to find your inner calmness.


Each module is filled with strategies. The personal journey goes at your pace as you look inward for calm. The Finding Calm in Chaos course is packed with worksheets, audios and videos. The lessons help you rebuild a calm lifestyle in a fun self-guided format.


Your life will begin to respond differently to stressful events. Your responses will occur with a positive outlook as you find joy once again. Taking personal responsibility to a new depth, it frees you from reacting to the outside chaotic


The staggering concerns of everyday life and the future has overwhelming effects on individuals. People are emotionally suffering, feeling panicked and stressed when the future is uncertain.  Right now more than ever people need calmness.

My course helps bring calmness to lives and shares a pocket of peace where it is needed most. I know influencers have a mass amount of pull in sharing positivity in this world and the exposure would help a number of people.  

If you are interested in sharing my course with your audience base being a Brand or Affiliate Ambassador, you will get a big gift from the sponsored post(s). This is an easy way of making money with your audience and we could both help others in need!

Daley Gift Podcast

My Daley Gift podcast offers listeners a soul-searching glimpse into who we are with practical advice that reveals the impact made beyond the scope of our everyday lives. 

My hope is to encourage you to take the opportunity to think about the ripple effect we create in our lives and the lives of those close to us. 

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