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Eileen Daley

Eileen Daley

As I look back in my younger years, I was withdrawn and very shy not knowing I had this gift and that everyone else wasn’t seeing, feeling and hearing the same as me. I felt I was the odd one out and have come to realize my knowing is who I am. 

When family and friends watch TV shows like The Long Island Medium with Theresa Caputo and the Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry and see what they do, I’m asked “Why don’t you have a show? You do that too!” … it reinforces that it really is a gift. Theresa said it’s not her job, it’s her life. Yep, I get it! It’s my life too. I’ve seen Theresa stop people on the streets to share her gift and I too have stopped people to share what I have been asked to tell them, whether it’s in a grocery store or in an airport. Sometimes it makes people cry but I’ve come to realize in doing so I give my gift of light and clarity. Tyler also has shown me that I am blessed with my gift as I work with hospice patients and their families.  

My gift is giving them the bridge to see the beautiful vision of what is above and below and to ease their struggles with the unknown. 

When deciding on a website name, I wanted something catchy, off the cuff – something like that. I put a few names on a list for my husband, Paul to pick one out. He said “None of these. It should have your name on it because it’s your gift!” I reluctantly chose ‘DaleyGift.com’ because I haven’t always seen my spiritual insight as a gift. But he was right! 

I have been blessed to help many people over the decades, from many different backgrounds, levels of wealth and notoriety and some famous – all of them human. 

I joke that my spirit guides nag me and just like the saying goes “as it is above, it is below,” I have this nagging to give/share the information. Initially after trying to ignore the request I haven’t obliged, but most of the time I turn around to do so. I forget not everyone has that knowing and am reminded, most times by Paul, that I help so many who aren’t sure and have their own spiritual nagging for answers. 

So here I am. After many decades of resistance, I am embracing my gift. For it is with this wonderful loving spiritual nagging, I dedicate this website to help others receive the light and clarity with love and understanding. Please reach out!

Be kind to you! 

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