‘Finding Calm in Chaos’ is a strong online course to help with the uncertainty of our times. My life’s purpose is to serve others that may be in need and this course is an extension of that focus. 

– I care about anyone who becomes a Brand or Influencer Ambassador for  the course and offer full support in helping as many people as possible

 – Ambassadors do not need to purchase anything. There are no additional fees of any type such as processing fees, handling fees or setup fees.

– You will get your personal affiliate code so you earn a $100 cash gift for EACH sale for a limited time

– All Ambassadors are welcome. If you have an Instagram, Facebook, TicTok, Twitter, SnapChat or all the other social media preferences. I’d love to hear from you or maybe you’d just like to share the course with your email list!

– Materials are available for posting OR you can share the message with your audience as you wish

‘Finding Calm in Chaos’ 

F A Q’s 

Thank you for your interest in ‘Finding Calm in Chaos’! To answer a few more questions about our affiliate gift and the course overall, I’ve put together this quick FAQ. If you don’t see answers to your particular question, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

What is your Affiliate Gift Program for Brand & Influencer Ambassadors? During this unprecedented time, the release of ‘Finding Calm in Chaos’ online course shares peace and positivity to all. The Affiliate Gift Program offers any Brand & Influencer Ambassadors sharing of their personal affiliate URL code $100.00 for each confirmed sale. The purchase of the course must be utilized by your personal URL for you to receive the gift. 

Does the Affiliate Gift Program Have Payment Restrictions? The gift of $100 is for a limited time only and only for Brand & Influencer Ambassadors who use their individual personal URL provided to track their purchases. 

Payment is made to the Brand Ambassador or Influencer Ambassador on the 30th every month for all sales within the previous 30 day period to allow for a 3 day payment processing. A phone number needs to be provided for the Venmo payment to be forwarded to the Brand Ambassador or Influencer Ambassador. Payments will be made for every sale. Any gift payment omissions or errors are to be reported to Daley Gift within a 30 day period to be reconciled. Daley Gift is not responsible or liable for any tax reporting. Receipt of gift payment releases Daley Gift of any liability. Your generous gift will be secure due to no refunds as noted on the course website. 

How will I Know if the Affiliate Gift Program cancels or changes? Brand Ambassadors and Influencer Ambassadors will be notified via email when the Affiliate Gift Program is discontinued. It is the Brand Ambassador’s or Influencer Ambassador’s responsibility to notify Daley Gift of any phone number and/or email address changes(s). 

What supplemental materials are available for promotion? Currently we are offering images, post mock-up and descriptions for use for alterations. There is also a possibility of providing additional resources if requested. Please reach out if your needs differ from materials provided. 

Any promotional restrictions on the sharing of this course to audiences? The ‘Finding Calm in Chaos’ course must be promoted in an authentic and honest format to any audience. No misleading statements, inappropriate images or vulgar language can be attached to this property. Anyone found to violate this clause will not be gifted. We want to harmoniously work with people who are willing to share in a positive manner. 

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