Calmness Reinforcement

Finding Calm in Chaos — Module Four

Calmness Reinforcement: Recap and Affirmations

On a daily basis we often unconsciously repeat negative statements to ourselves about different situations in our lives. In doing so we often bring about the undesirable circumstance itself.

Our proclamations become self-fulfilling prophecies. Commit to make a conscious decision to turn negative statements frequently used into positive ones.  

Congratulations on Finding Your Calmness

Congrats! You now know your stress triggers and what causes your chaos. You are more spiritually aware and living your life instead of being on the negative sidelines.  

Your best life is yet to come – you’re ready to embrace being calm and move forward as a positive force.

It’s the positive outlook that shines through in you that makes people wonder what do you know that they don’t!

Repetition is known to influence the subconscious mind and triggers action. Affirmations are repeated positive statements that are designed to bring about a desired result. 

A list of affirmations is attached for your use. Now that you have a new look on life, a few of them might hit home with a new meaning. Take the time to be a kid with some suggestions listed, find joy in all that you do.  

Take Time to be a Kid

Laughter is extremely beneficial in calming you down and reducing stress.

Listening to a child laugh, makes you laugh – it’s the full-on belly laugh coming from within that’s contagious. Even the Grumpy’s can’t help but smile and give a giggle or two.  

Be distracted from negativity. Take time to be a kid. Find your inner joy. Look for the positives in your world starting today and continue it for all of your remaining tomorrows.

Embrace your inner child and take a look at some of the suggestions with the ‘Take Time To Be A Kid’ attachment. 

Pick one, pick two, pick them all! 

Enjoy Your Calmness

Calmness Perspective

We all have people in our lives who influence us and are positive or negative. Chances are you talk the same language and act very much the same or very similar way. 

We all have had people in our lives and lost contact probably because those commonalities changed.  

Take a look at who you are hanging out with, your sphere of influence. Are they a deciding factor on your being calm or in chaos?

Attached is the ‘Finding Your Calmness’ worksheet that asks the sometimes difficult questions about who you are hanging out with and if they have a calming effect or are they stressing you out.  

Affirmations for Calmness

Affirmations are words – words are powerful!

Positive thinking, having a positive attitude is supported with positive affirmations. With the positive affirmations you can be successful in anything.  

Being positive leaves no room for chaos and stress.  

The best in your life is yet to come – you are ready to embrace the calmness and move forward with a positive force.

Congrats! You Have Completed the Finding Calm in Chaos Course!

You have found the Calm in Chaos!

You Did It! Wonderful!