Chaos and Stress Manifestations

Finding Calm in Chaos — Module Two

Chaos & Stress Manifestations and Spiritual Wellness


Have you ever thought of how stress affects your spiritual health and your spiritual awareness? 

Stress in our head or coming from the outside is all about how we think. Research shows we have the ability to reverse the damage caused by negative stress. 

Our spiritual understanding and the impact of stress and perception changes daily by changing the meaning we give to those stressful events. Prayer and meditation* improve health by lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Spiritual practices keep us grounded in our values, faith, and hope. Conflicting values cause a lack of peace.

(*Meditation Tips are attached for support)

Unpacking Your Chaos and Stress Trigger Points

Rummaging around and willing to be vulnerable discovering yourself in the depths of your emotional baggage isn’t an easy task. Some people would rather not. That avoidance is why they will never find calmness. 

You on the other hand, are committed to look around and seek the path to living a life being calm and stress free.  

Completion of the attached worksheet, ‘Unpacking Your Chaos & Stress Trigger Points’ sorts out your chaos and stress habits to honestly reveal your challenges. 

This emotional unpacking is the starting point to building a calmer you!  

Chaos Stress and Spiritual Stress

Turning damaging negative stress into a positive experience changes the perspective of our daily challenges and greatly reduces our distress. 

The powerful tool of spiritual practices keep us grounded and gives us a better understanding. Spiritual practices change the dynamics and impact of stressful events. 

Complete the attached worksheet, ‘Chaos Stress & Spiritual Stress’ and follow the arrows to see where chaos and stress are affecting your spiritual life / spiritual awareness. 

Meditation Tips for Calmness

Meditation is a process of training your mind and redirecting your thoughts. You can use meditation to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. 

The powerful spiritual tool of meditation has been proven to have positive physical benefits as well such as, reducing stress, reducing anxiety, helps to control pain and improves sleep just to name a few.  

In our case, we will be using meditation tips for calmness.

Although there are many different type of meditation to use, a beginners guide is attached to help start you on your journey. 

To make meditation a habit, it is suggested to carve out some time every day.

Focus on Living Life

Reflecting on Module Work: Moving Forward in Calmness

You Did It! Wonderful!