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Death Doula

End of Life Care

 As a Death Doula it is an honor to walk someone home and a privilege to spend time with loved ones when they are in a raw and vulnerable state. Death is a sacred transition and people shouldn’t have to be alone. 

Much like a Midwife or Birthing Doula assists when a soul enters, a Death Doula assists when the soul exits.

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Just as each individual is unique, the transition through the end of life process is also unique. The care of a dying patient in their final hours can be fulfilling – and also exhausting. There are many ups and downs during the process. 

I support individuals, families and loved ones by being a compassionate pillar. I’m here to provide emotional security while having the ability to know when to set boundaries and maintain a practice of mindfulness and serenity for everyone involved during the end of life care or a terminally ill patient. 

Every situation is different and I offer care and guidance based on the individual needs presented. I bridge the gap between families and their loved ones during a life crisis in a supportive environment whether it is in a home, hospital or assisted living. I help remove the trauma associated with passing on and recognize the natural part of the end of life by offering spiritual, emotional and physical comfort while assisting with coming to terms with mortality. 

Simple and real, my hope is that no one dies alone. We don’t need to feel fear during our final moments on earth. We shouldn’t worry that we are going to burden our family after we leave earth. A Death Doula offers a way to bring peace to everyone during this critical moment in life with an open mind and heart. 

End-of-Life care (EOLC) isn’t new, but it has become more well known over the past few years. Individuals in this field are usually referred to as a Death Doula, or you might have heard the term End-of-Life Doula or End-of-Life Guide as well. 

To find out if a Death Doula is right for you, please accept my personal invitation to reach out – call / text or email me to answer your questions and discuss your specific needs.

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