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Spiritual Medium Eileen Daley offers her mission is to help others receive the light and clarity with love and understanding. She has been blessed to help many people over the decades, from many different backgrounds, levels of wealth and notoriety and some famous – all of them have the same hopes and dreams found in every human. 

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Living in Encinitas, California, her focus isn’t just in Southern California. Her work takes her around the United States and around the world. For people who aren’t able to meet in person, Eileen Daley works within virtual settings to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Her gift has had her stop people to share what she has been asked or nagged by helpful spirit to tell them, whether it’s in a grocery store or in an airport. Sometimes it makes people cry but she’s come to realize in doing so she gives her gift of light and clarity. Knowing she is blessed with a spiritual gift she finds it extremely gratifying to work with individuals especially with hospice patients and their families.  

Her hope is to spread unconditional love and support in the only way she knows how. Working with individuals by offering private readings, group spiritual readings and sharing messages from the other side as she has done for so many decades.

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My gift is giving others the bridge to see the beautiful vision of what is above and below helping to ease the day-to-day struggles with the unknown. 

Eileen Daley

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