Exposing Chaos and Stress

Finding Calm in Chaos — Module One

Defining Chaos & Stress

You’ve decided and are committed to take the steps on being calm. This intimate personal journey reveals how to live a calmer life.

Finding your inner peace isn’t just for today, but it’s for tomorrow and the days after that. This module determines what your personal chaos and stress is and how it affects your life. 

Chaos – A void. Complete disorder.

Defining chaos is very personal. No two individuals experience the same kind of chaos in their own lives. However, there are plenty of commonalities when it comes to identifying and eliminating stress. 

Find out what the chaos means in your life.

With this lesson attached, it’s important to be honest with yourself. Think and reflect when completing the ‘Defining Your Personal Chaos’ exercise. Knowing what chaos is in your life means you must be willing to be vulnerable. Only you know what makes up your chaos – so be open and acknowledge all the areas of concern.

Defining Stress

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

This personal worksheet, ‘Defining Your Personal Stress’ is delving into what experiences in your life trigger stress. Just like the Chaos worksheet, once acknowledged, your focus will be on specific areas to lay the foundation and create a calm life.  

Answer the questions on the worksheet provided. Take the time to think about the events causing you stress or make you worried. Relax and remember those times without the emotions. 

Be honest – this is about you (not anyone else).

Calmness Calendar

Finding calmness is extremely important. Start keeping track of your calm days with the attached ‘Calmness Calendar’ to make sure you are in control. 

You are encouraged to do this exercise the entire course. At the end of Module Week #4 you’ll see how much progress you’ve made!

Make a game out of it with the ‘Calmness Calendar” – take a moment or two and mark down on the calendar the days you haven’t been stressed. 

If you miss a day being calm, that’s ok! – start again and see if you can go longer this time. Give yourself a treat when beating the previous number of days. 

Homework Review and Personal Realization

You Did It! Wonderful!