Getting to the Calm, Maintaining the Calm

Finding Calm in Chaos — Module Three

Getting to the Calm and Maintaining the Calm

Knowing what the chaos trigger points are and recognizing what your calming features are, you can manage your energy – not your time. Time is valuable.

We all have the same amount of time – but, we’re all not utilizing it the same way. A joyful person is finding joy in what they are doing.

Just like anything else, until it does the more you do it, the more it becomes second nature. The focus of what you want (which is calmness) becomes what you desire and what you think about.

Positive Points to Live By

In the process of pursuing calmness, it takes positive thinking.

Positive thinking is a mindset that needs to be nurtured – unless you own a pair of rose-colored glasses! Then everything you look at takes on a wonderful positive viewpoint.  

If there are no glasses, you might need to take it minute by minute, hour by hour…

The goal of this exercise is to have a positive thinking lifestyle and look at this worksheet every day until it becomes ingrained in your soul and becomes second nature.

Searching and Finding Calmness

Searching and finding calmness is all about your perception on life. Calmness can’t be bought or purchased. You can buy things and buy places to go but, without the correct perception, you aren’t going to attain calmness.  

Your desire is to search and find your calmness…

This exercise brings into focus the positive things to look for on your daily search for calmness with some obvious and not-so-obvious suggestions.

Keeping it Positive

Your intent has been defined and you’re in the process of minimizing the outside chatter, chaos and stress with various things that REALLY work for you! 

The next door to open is the door to keep the positive mindset going…

With the ‘Keeping It Positive Tips’ attached, you can review the list each day to stay calm, relaxed and keep the head-chatter at bay. 

Calmness Cards

‘Calmness Cards’ are your reminders that keep you going – remaining strong and calm.

Cut out the ‘Calmness Cards’ attached – pick one when needed or lay them around randomly in various places, giving you your focus for the day!

Review and Reflection of Module 3

You Did It! Wonderful!