Spiritual Group Readings

Spiritual Group Readings

Spiritual Group Readings are an opportunity to receive messages, healing, and readings in a session hosted by a medium privately among friends and family. Often group reading events are part of a party where Eileen Daley, a spiritual medium offers a completely unique and special experience focusing on spiritual guidance.

Eileen Daley Spiritual Medium hosting Group Readings

Offer a Reading for Your Guests

While the idea is to receive new information, peace, energy and spiritual messages, the reading will connect the group guests to the spiritual world allowing your guests to reflect on the various aspects of the event afterwards.

A group opportunity with spiritual guidance offers a comfortable, controlled setting while opening a portal to connect with the other side. The difference between a psychic and a psychic medium (or medium), is mediums can talk to the dead whereas psychics cannot and mediums are also psychic.

What is the Outcome of Spiritual Group Readings?

Every spiritual group reading is different. Some guests are looking for life answers, others are looking to connect with deceased loved ones and others are looking for an energy healing. Psychic mediums don’t get to control what comes out of the experience and ‘allows’ spirit to come forward.

The intentions of the events during the readings is to have soul changing guidance and make a positive impact on lives. Psychic mediums have always been in the mix as they share details in an intuitive form about lives and bring their services to the public. There is no better way to engage with your guests by having a way to offer a psychic medium reading at your next event.

Where Can You Have Spiritual Readings?

If you are looking for the perfect place to have a reading, it all depends on what would make your guests comfortable. Are you having a private party? Is your living room is a good sized location for a reading? Do you prefer to host the event outside of the house where your guests would be more comfortable? Would there be distractions there if a reading was held?

Readings can be done almost anywhere. Including in person, by phone, or even virtual. The best part about this opportunity is you can build your event around Eileen Daley’s sessions and services. She caters to your situation as best as possible and will impact your guest’s life.

Eileen Daley Offers a Medium’s Guidance

What makes Eileen Daley’s spiritual readings different? She wants each person to have a divine visit, if, they so choose. The services aren’t of meditations, but of positive events and the chance to receive messages. A psychic or medium doesn’t ever determine what the outcome is, but they do offer spiritual energy and intuitive direction.

After years of sharing her gifts with the world, Eileen Daley enjoys the opportunity to receive information for people she just met. Her messages and energy healing is her gift to the world. The intimate setting is perfect for an intuitive message that offers clarity, insight and even details with personal friends present. Her focus is to receive messages and offer a practical and realistic look at the she embraces the connection.

Messages and Spirit Connect at a Psychic Mediums Event

Offered in a relaxed atmosphere, the healing and free reading of the psychic session for those who are invited guests will definitely be something they will never forget. Among friends (and maybe even family, the message of future, past and peace will have everyone talking.

Eileen Daley Host of Spiritual Group Readings
Prepare for Insight and Talk During Your Spiritual Guidance

Looking into life and connecting with the other side, the reading offers various aspects of current circumstances with each participant searching to find their own answers. Different than spiritual counseling sessions or tarot cards, the readings often could be compared to group psychic readings or phone readings.

What Will be the Medium Messages?

Eileen Daley delivers messages to whomever she is called to share with. Her readings and messages can be about specifics in life, a path to move forward in life, a connection for a special soul, and can also be spiritual messages from your loved ones who have passed over to the other side.

The spiritual world controls the intuitive process and the answers are controlled by the spirit as the mediums just the vessel to offer the light to the other side. It’s safe to suggest this opportunity will offer a look at your guest’s life and even offer healing. The medium being in the same room (instead of being online or on the phone) creates a path to the reading.

Be Open to Your Senses, Be Curious to Intuition

Psychic medium readings are tapping into the spirit world and beyond. Individuals who are part of this activity need to be open to spiritual readings and psychic mediums. The connection of the spirit world isn’t something to be quiet about. The hope to communicate and find clarity is a detail your participants will find in this divine setting during a reading. The physical realm of the moment will meet the intuitive abilities leaving people wanting to know more. And even some healing could be found afterwards.

How is This Different From Spiritual Counseling?

Great Question! This is an event that’s a one time reading and not multiple sessions. Being there is limited time, the intuitive nature of the spiritual world is literally scratching the surface. With regards to the topics, your guests might ask questions about a deceased loved one or want to know more about healing energy or ask about a spirit they feel around them. These are all interesting and focused topics appropriate for a spiritual medium to discuss within the group setting.

However, if a guest is looking for more defined energy or focused questions about their loved ones, their future or their abilities, that would be done at during a private one-on-one session at a later date and would not be included in the spiritual group readings.

What About Tarot Cards? Do You Use Them?

Many people wonder if the reading is based on tarot cards or other forms of intuition energy enhancements. As Eileen has been working with her gift for years, her spiritual intuitive sessions are serious opportunities to receive information about the guests. She rarely uses other energy reading cards to as a medium.

Do You Allow Video?

At this time, because the connecting is a private and personal practice, the use of video is declined. It’s important to have everyone in the group comfortable and connects so the practice of audio or video recording is discouraged.

How does an Individual Prepare?

The idea behind a spiritual reading is different to different people. Eileen has had clients who bring a note, have an online reminder on their phone of what they’d like to ask or just be present at the event. The message of the session always vary and the intuitive aspect of the readings depend on a number of variables.

If your guests feel they’d like to ask about certain details, loved ones or even future paths, they are certainly welcomed to do so. Sometimes there isn’t enough time for everyone to ask more than one questions and if they have additional life questions are welcome to be clients at a future time.

Will Everyone get a Chance to Participate?

Depending on your gathering size, Eileen tries to engage each individual who is participating. As the hostess, you can offer ways to help facilitate a fair way for everyone to have a reading or a moment with Eileen’s skills. This allows the setting for spiritual group readings to be a calm and tranquil atmosphere. But remember Eileen doesn’t control the spirit stepping forward. 

How Does a group Psychic Reading Work?

Simply contact Eileen with details about your group gathering and how many would be participating for group readings. Do including all your information including your name, phone and date of the event. Any additional information about the upcoming services that you’d like to have would be welcome too.

What if I Have Special Circumstances?

The best part of this gathering is you are definitely part of the process. If you’d like to Eileen by phone about your questions, it can be arranged. Additionally, you can phone or contact Eileen by phone. As with all great events, the energy healing moments come together when you plan! Don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact form and share what you need to make the moment a success.

Let’s Talk!

After reviewing your needs, Eileen will be in touch to help set up a spiritual group reading! It’s easy and will be delightful. Your guests will love this opportunity and treasure it as a moment they will always remember!