What is a Death Doula?

Also known as End-of-Life (EOL) Doula

Eileen Daley Death Doula

What is a Death Doula?

(Job Description)

Looking for a Death Doula, but need more information, like a job description to better understand how the process works?

When I get asked about my job, I explain that as a Death Doula, I assist in the dying process. Much like a Midwife or Birthing Doula when a soul enters, as a Death Doula I assist when the soul exits.

End of life care is an important moment to personalize.  Recognizing the natural part of life into a spiritual and transformative soul journey experience that a Death Doula removes the trauma of passing on by offering comfort and support. It’s the final journey of life.

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I’ve created the list below that a Death Doula will assist with.  Don’t hesitate to share your needs with your Death Doula to see if they can accommodate. This is your personal journey, you may have other personal needs.

  • Extended and personal support during the transition process
  • Offer a supportive environment for all
  • Discuss options of end of life care
  • Be available to share the process and note changes
  • Help in putting affairs in order
  • Create a personalized vigil plan and activate when the time is right
  • Create a peaceful and calm space
  • Offer Spiritual guidance and help with relaxing techniques
  • Document final wishes
  • Gather the family for the moments before and after death
  • Reduce worry and burden for family
  • Share in the celebration of life

Every situation is unique with individual care and guidance based on the needs presented is always the first priority.

Do you want to know if a Death Doula fits your personal situation? Please accept my personal invitation to reach out – call / text or email me to discuss your needs.


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